Modern Art


by Sylvain Ducoulombier In collaboration with Institut Français de Cluj-Napoca August 24th – September 19th 2018 Curator: Silvia Suciu The project Turbo-Prairies by the contemporary artist Sylvain Ducoulombier concerns gardens, both a symbol and a wonderful setting. Intimate place marked by the seasons and its limited spaces. This series of paintings represents mainly cadastral views of flowering meadows and grasslands. […]
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Floarea Hesmeșan Bulduș & Vera Dan July 21st – August 19th 2018 Curator: Silvia Suciu The exhibit Visual Dialoque is highlighting two artists from Cluj- Napoca, who complete each other through the visual univers they are creating. They are Floarea Hesmeșan Bulduș și Vera Dan. The artistic preoccupations of  Floarea Hesmeșan Bulduș are gravitating around the idea of space and […]
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