Art House Gallery Cluj-Napoca & Institut Français de Cluj-Napoca are organizing from August 24th to September 19, 2018 the exhibit Turbo-Prairies by the French contemporary artist SYLVAIN DUCOLOMBIER, at Platinia Shopping Center/ Mezzanine. Curator: Silvia Suciu

The public is invited to meet the artist Tuesday, September 4th, at 6 pm.

The project Turbo-Prairies by the contemporary artist Sylvain Ducoulombier concerns gardens, both a symbol and a wonderful setting. Intimate place marked by the seasons and its limited spaces. This series of paintings represents mainly cadastral views of flowering meadows and grasslands. Beyond the graphic dimension, this motionless walk makes us aware of the balance between man and his natural environment. More precisely, it tends to emphasize the diversity of floral spaces and their ecological roles.


Art House Gallery

e-mail: office@arthousegallery.eu


Program: Tuesday-Sunday: 15.00-21.00

Platinia Shopping Center

Calea Mănăștur no. 2-6

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