Romanian Days in Brussels

In January 31st was the opening of the exhibit Romanian Days in Brussels (Journées Roumaines à Bruxelles) organized by Platinia Art House Gallery and ArTour Gallery in Brussels. The exhibit was opened until February 7th 2019 and presented to the public the Romanian artists Mariea Boz, Floarea Bulduș, Elena Cîmpian, Vera Dan, Ofelia Huțul, Claudia Macaria, Crenguța Macarie, Elena Marinca, Flaviu Moldovan, Camelia Moritz, Eugen Moritz, Rozalia Moș, Silvia Suciu, Mirela Ungureanu, Andrada Vicleniț (painting) and Radu Handru and Elena Surdu Stanescu (sculpture).

Mariea Boz is using in her paintings very vivid colours and brings on the canvas a wonderful and surrealistic world. Floarea Bulduș paints about stars, genesis, the impeccable white chaos and the changing of seasons, in special spring. Elena Cîmpian’s abstract artwork, with dark reds, greens and blues on the other background represents love through a woman’s body. Vera Dan’s playful compositions have a tint of political humour.

            Ofelia Huțul is a “surgeon” of the feminine body, with greenish and bluish tints, fish swimming inside or distorted buildings finding their way to the sky. Claudia Macaria’s paintings have to be decoded: a girl with a red dress reading the paper and waiting for Dali, a duet in two for a beautiful life together. Crenguța Macarie’s realistic female body under some red apples on a branch, making a gesture to the viewer with an arm painted in light grey, is showing the power to get out from a situation which can keep you stuck on for years.

Elena Marinca is the painter of luxurious gardens and fish markets where she combines texture with large strokes of vibrant colours. Flaviu Moldovan is the intergalactic traveller why in his art pieces you can see these immortal beings or portraits painted with warm primary colours. Camelia Moritz’s abstract paintings are about genesis: using red, grey, white and black splashes of colour and heavy impasto in some area, she creates the idea of transformation. Eugen Moritz is the master of Flemish style paintings, or he creates his mixed media art combining new techniques with classical ones. Rozalia Mos’ artworks show her love for red and orange colours, subdued tones, and purposeful meaning compositions.             Silvia Suciu, is using vivid colours, playing with the brushstrokes on the canvas in a continuous joyful movement. Mirela Ungureanu puts on the canvas of the joy of everyday life, using orange, red, green and blue hues of colour. Andrada Vicleniț builds a puzzle with some powerful crimson, yellow and green colours on white backgrounds; half realistically painted faces are hidden by flowing tints of acrylic.

In his painted aluminium and wood sculptures, Radu Handru builds a happy world and plays with the shapes of angels immortalizing them in bronze. Elena Surdu Stanescu brings a note of originality and power, showing a perfect aspiration to energy, love and harmony.

The opening of the exhibit took place in a cosmopolitan atmosphere with Romanian, French, Colombian and Belgian people in the presence of Mrs Elisabeth Koch, the ArTour Gallery owner in Brussels and Silvia Suciu, the exhibit’s curator. The visitors were enthusiastic about the artwork and everybody had a wonderful evening.

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