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In the last time more and more fashion designers are inspired in their creations by contemporary masterpieces, some from well-known artists. New ways are found to attract more painters to collaborate with the fashion industry and in the same time to create brands which will sell to the public, inspiring the clients to take home the dress or the handbag they saw on the runway.

Elsa Schiaparelli inspired by Dali

Even in 1937, clothes designer Elsa Schiaparelli has used Salvador Dali’s lobster as a print on her line of garments.

The “organza dinner dress with painted lobster, very chic and eccentric” has been a strong statement of a new way to bring innovation, art and culture in a world where some designers were only worried how beautiful the clothes looked leaving out other aspects of the real fashion industry. Her line of clothes was later an inspiration for Muccia Prada. 

Throughout time, numerous designers found inspiration in famous artworks all over the world

In 1960 the fashion world was inspired by Piet Mondrian masterpieces because of designer

Yves Saint Laurent has used Mondrian’s abstract art as prints on his line of clothing.

  • Nobody can forget the iconic dress created in 1965 by Azzedine Alaïa for Yves Saint Laurent. “I have always had a passion for painting, so finding inspiration for my designs in painting was just natural. I didn’t try to measure myself against the great masters, maybe just get close to their work and learn something from their genius.” (Yves Saint Laurent)
  • For 2014 collection, the Calvin Klein brand designer, Belgian born Raf Simons has collaborated with contemporary Los Angeles based artist Sterling Rub using prints on his line from artist’s work. Also, in 2012, Raf has debuted as a fashion designer for the house of Dior Couture with the same contemporary artwork printed on Dior’s clothes. In 2018 Calvin Klein got a contract of cooperation with the Andy Warhol Foundation and the fashion house had access to the Andy Warhol archives to the year 2020 and will be able to use the pop artist work in any way they want for installations and garments.

  • Gianni Versace had a strong collaboration with Andy Warhol also, but besides that, he used elements from Greek mythology and some masterpiece from Italian Renaissance done by Sandro Botticelli as “The Birth of Venus”.
  • In 2003 Louis Vuitton started the long and fruitful association with the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and with his “anime eyes and smiling flowers”. Having Marc Jacobs as fashion designer, Vuitton started all the monogrammed merchandise which featured familiar characters and motifs of Murakami’s art. Even supermodel Linda Evangelista said that the combination of art and fashion “makes fashion more interesting”.

Another interesting cooperation of Louis Vuitton was with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, the polka dots, art creator. In 2006, Marc Jacobs has been in Tokyo and ask the artist to come to the United States and collaborate for fashion design. From this meeting was born a strong implication of Kusama in designing the Vuitton stores’ windows, clothes and interior store designs. Her polka dots have made her famous all over the world.

London’s Selfridge department store” with Kusama “ favoured giant pumpkins” – has sold out all the collection.

Louis Vuitton latest collaboration is with Jeff Koons, the New York artist who brought his “Gazing Ball paintings” reproduction of the old master’s work like Van Gogh, Monet, Da Vinci, Titian, Rubens, and Fragonard as prints on Vuitton’s bags. His series of paintings made him famous through the 21st century art, “so this collaboration situates the artist within the heritage of Louis Vuitton itself, demonstrating the power of the artistic gesture to connect the present day with a shared cultural history”.

  • Burberry, the most famous British fashion house hired eastern European contemporary artist Gosha Rubchinskiy to put his mark on the Fall 2017 collection, and even “Rihanna was spotted in head-to-toe Burberry plaid”, and is possible that Gosha Rubchinskiy will be the next creative director in special that the actual director Christopher Bailey is leaving the Burberry fashion house.

Art is becoming a part of the fashion industry as garments or store installations. The fashion industry is using museums for their “exhibition format” as this year’s Dior’s “Couturier du rêve” at Musée des Arts Décoratifs and Hermes’ showcase in

MoMu Antwerp of the Margiela Years archive”.

Author: Rozalia Mos

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