Floarea Hesmeșan Bulduș & Vera Dan

July 21st – August 19th 2018

Curator: Silvia Suciu

The exhibit Visual Dialoque is highlighting two artists from Cluj- Napoca, who complete each other through the visual univers they are creating. They are Floarea Hesmeșan Bulduș și Vera Dan. The artistic preoccupations of  Floarea Hesmeșan Bulduș are gravitating around the idea of space and time, themes found in philosophy, literature and universal contemporary art. Her feelings are transmitted to the viewer through a plastic language full of significations.

In her artwork “Φ Code” we get the idea that the primordial chaos was the beggining of life on Earth. In contrast to that, in her work “Genesis 1“ the artist is experimenting with shades of white making you feel the complete silence of the creation’s moment. Lines of white thread are braided as a labyrinth on the surface of the painting as a reminder of Ariadna’s myth.

A multitude of forms inspired by music are part of the contemporary art composition the “Sensible Corde”. The subconscious mysteries and the richness of  human feelings and emotions are shown in the painting “In the Depth“ with its cool hues. “The tree of life“ is a painting showing the victory of nature over winter and the victory of human spirit over life’s adversities.

Inspired by Claude Bellegarde, Salvador Dali, Ad Reinhardt, and by the white paint from Constantin Flondor’s work, the artist shows a mature understanding of form and color.


Vera Dan is finding her inspiration in the old Spanish masters’ paintings as Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Francisco de Zurbaran, Juan Sanchez Cotan and she is creating a series of still lifes in her own manner. She starts from the well known bodegónes – still lifes with every day objects from kitchens and pantry rooms, adding flowers, fruits and vegetables. The combination of warm grey and the mixture of shapes give her paintings a complex and exciting atmosphere. The quotidian routine becomes a dream with true visual stories.

“The canvas is my playground where the usual objects are coming to life through my brush strokes and texture. My goal is to make the viewer discover a richness of characters as in a theatre play where the actors are objects like vases, jewelry boxes and fruits“. (Vera Dan)

In her painting “the Cock“ she is showing some of the human figures wearing different kitcken objects on their heads, like a grater, funnel, and an old soda bottle, remainding us of some actors from political world. In one of her works, showing a pantry room, a royal blue jewelery box is shining among cans, cherries, and garlic. A well known element found in her paintings is the corn husk which becomes part of her compositions. The texture of the corn husks gave the paintings “Abyss“ and “Beyond“ a new materiality. The corn husk was discovered by Vera Dan in her childhood, when she was spending her summers’ vacations at her grand parents house, and it became emblematic for her. She has registered this patent with OCIM in 2000.

July 21 @ 18:00 — August 19 @ 22:00
18:00 — 22:00 (700h)

Arthouse Gallery Platinia

Floarea Hesmeșan Bulduș, Vera Dan

Photo Gallery

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