Cacovean Ioana-Maria, Anca Stătică and Cosmin David
May 30th – June15th 2018
Curator: Silvia Suciu

Viewpoint is an exhibit assembled by three young artists who were at the same point in their life: their graduation with a Sculpture Master Degree from a prestigious art university.

They are part of the same generation of artists, with the same art education but they have their own personal views of the world. The artists will take us in a tour of their visual perspective and interpretation starting at the same departing point: identity in context.
The general view is relating the individual to his national context having an impact on his personal ego by sustaining an imposed mentality. Looking closer we find the individual part of the social context, as part of more people but keeping his authenticity by sustaining his own opinion.

From this context we are looking at the individual person and his new inside language which is giving birth to an invisible reality where he lives. The conceptual levelgave the materials used in installations the power to translate to the viewer the artist’s point of view and create a personal experience based on the same principles.

Cacovean Ioana-Maria

The identity of a nation

What can happen when a whole nation can understand the power of the its leading principles, and values, the foundation of its own governing and that she can decide the direction to take?

Where we could be today and which could be the image of our progress if governing laws to keep us at the same level for years, were not imposed by the communist regime? We can only assume the answer.

The truth is that the actual situation in Romania, the stage where Romania is right now, is not relying upon on the actual ruling politic government, it is based also on every Romanian’s identity and the way he evaluates himself, sees himself and his will to build a good future.

From here starts the idea which is the foundation of my artwork.

My piece of art is an art installation with multiple visual elements, with video and text incorporated as translators of my artistic language. My project has the style of an investigation but in same time has the feel of a socio-cultural event addressed from a historical and psychological perspective.

It is defining the identity birth of the Romanian State and the individuals’ personalities. The subject of my installation is the particular moment in Romania’s history in special the point of the instauration of the communist regime and the gloomy atmosphere prevailed and his consequences. I am doing a new interpretation of the past founded by my desire to clarify my own identity and the social society where I belong.

Anca Stătică

My artwork is an encyclopedia of the inner reality of every human being, the one which cannot be defined in material terms, but it is the starting point of his actions.

The source of inspiration of my art pieces is from the questions I ask myself about the human condition and other circumstances of human existence.

The answers to my inquiries become the material to bring to life my thoughts and sensations and to understand the impact they have on my own existence.

I am concerned with the life barriers and how you can avoid them, why I am asking questions about the ephemeral human condition and the facts which are limiting our actions in contrast to our inner desires.

So, I am inviting the viewer to take an introspective journey on a road that every one of us should go through.

Cosmin David

„Nosce te ipsum”

What can be the content of the art work if the art was always an expression of the spirit and human feelings? Is the art going to stay close to divinity by being clear, clean, unchangeable, and eternal?

The art work disappears when the borders between the creation of the art piece and everybody’s road are connecting. It is not known how long can stay this way a human who felt the infinity of the whole universe as his own living space and his own destiny.

Accessing the space of ART is linked to the understanding of new things applied to a large group of contextual values as transparencies letting the human wisdom to prevail.

Through this concept I want to bring together the role and the function of the social context, his time and place and his unitary way of existence. I am tracing everybody’s way into a plastic revelation.

May 30 @ 18:00 — June 15 @ 20:00
18:00 — 20:00 (386h)

Arthouse Gallery Platinia

Cosmin David, Ioana Cacovean

Photo Gallery

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