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and CHIC Dance Studio

June 16th – July 20th 2018

Curator: Silvia Suciu

Andrei Babici is a Romanian contemporary artist whose main interest is based on the experimentation of different painting techniques. In his artworks he combines the ideas of the artists he admires with his “magic” vision of the world.

Bogdan and Carina have been doing sportive dance in the past fourteen years, and as a couple they have won prestigious prizes in national and international dance competitions in the past five years. They have been members of the Romanian National Team and they have represented Romania in a multinational competition. They opened The CHIC Dance Studio based on their love for dance and sports!

June 15 @ 14:00 — July 20 @ 21:00
14:00 — 21:00 (847h)

Arthouse Gallery Platinia

Andrei Babici

Photo Gallery

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