Andreia Cismașiu, András Györfi and István Korbely
April 13th-May 25th, 2018
Curator: Silvia Suciu

The exhibition FANTASY WORLDS presented three artists from Romania and Hungary: Andreia Cismașiu, András Györfi and István Korbely. The red line that unites them is the creation of a special visual universe, inviting the viewer in a game where art represents the reality and reality is a copy of eternal ideas. (Platon)

Andreia Cismașiu’s creative source is the technique of photography that she learned at The University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca. She combines photos with painting, and her work reveals a sincere expression of her every day experience. Each of her piece of work becomes a page of a diary, a confession, a memory, a desire… The personages that populate the visual space are characterized by a sort of imponderability; their relation with the real world is done through elements such as the clock – Time, the bird – Red Illusion, the crown – The Queen, the flamingo – Decision, the nest – Hana, or the paper lanterns carrying letters – Unsent letters. Oniris.

András Györfi arranges the visual space like a play scene where he is the director and the actor in the same time. The rose becomes a leitmotiv in most of his paintings: this fragile flower is the symbol of passion, associated by Greeks and Romans with Aphrodite and Venus. During banquets, they used to decorate the walls of the rooms with roses, meaning that all they would say under the influence of wine was confidential – sub rosa. András’ artwork is full of secrets, a fantastic world populated with Eden gardens, beaches with angels, flying ships and fishes and the viewer is invited to decode the message. His paintings reveal his admiration for Renaissance fantastic landscapes, as in Jerome Bosch’s compositions, and in Salvador Dalí’s master pieces.

István Korbely invites the viewer in a journey into his inner world where contrasts and tints animate his forms and figures. The play is his main mission: love, words, perfumes and songs embroidered in color. István found a personal way to express his inner feelings through shades of orange, pink, violet and green. Secret and fragrant gardens appear through the dynamic chromatic of his work and express life and hope: Painters think through images. My creative force stays in the study of infinite possibilities to combine and render color and shape. Painting creates a bridge, a communication link between the painter and the viewer. (István Korbely)

April 13 @ 20:00 — May 25 @ 22:00
20:00 — 22:00 (1010h)

Arthouse Gallery Platinia

András Győrfi, Andreia Cismașiu, István Korbely

Photo Gallery

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