Ioana Antoniu, Elian, Andor Kőmives and Radu Pulbere

December 15th 2017- February 15th 2018

Curator: Silvia Suciu

ESSENTIAL LUDIC promotes four contemporary artists who belong to the School of Cluj and formed recently the group PlatformA: Ioana Antoniu, Elian, Andor Kőmives and Radu Pulbere.

Ioana Antoniu creates art experiences that increase the extraordinary ability of art to renew. The painting is enriched by exquisite accents of embroidery that personalizes the space, adding more vitality and offering to the composition a special articulation. Her works transmit the fullness of creation, the awareness of a personal accomplishment at multiple levels and the joy of sharing it to others

Elian synthesizes the way of art development through history; she discovers some particular and personal graphic solutions by alternating lights and shadows or realizing “plunged” compositions that invite the viewer to guess the characters and to find the hidden message. Each work tells a story that conveys a barely perceptible link between the visible and the intuitive world, accessed to different terraces of the subconscious.

Andor Kőmives is doing exercises of transforming reality and is drawing new ways to the imaginary: the space and the time overpass the limit of the perceptible reality and become infinite. His work invites the public to meditation and emphasis rather the sensation they produce to the viewer than the subject; they compose a musical magic and invite us to reconnect to a new world.

Radu Pulbere dis-assembles and re-assembles the elements that populate the surface of the painting in an innovative way; his work enrolls in the traditional plastic art, but, in the same time, they transgress it. The artist is no longer a viewer translating objectively the reality; he filters it in a personal manner, he finds new formulas and he plays as he would belong to this reality.

The exhibition-event ESSENTIAL LUDIC invites the viewer to a game of forms and colors, to a singular experience in the unique space from Platinia Shopping Center.

December 15 @ 14:00 — February 15 @ 21:00
14:00 — 21:00 (1495h)

Arthouse Gallery Platinia

Andor Kőmives, Ioana Antoniu, Radu Pulbere

Photos Gallery

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