My inspiration comes from being in love, aching soul, mixed feelings, emotions, happiness, finding the beauty of life and of the surroundings, making people happy through my works…

Andreia Cismaşiu is faithful to the photographic technique – which she has learned at the University of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca (license – 2003, master – 2011) – which she combines with other pictorial techniques.


Her works are a sincere expression of her everyday experience and, at the same time, an escape from the everyday life, a way to re-create artistically the universe in which she is living. Thus, each work becomes a journal page, a confession, a memory, a desire. (Silvia Suciu)

Born in Turda, Cluj County, in 1979. Lives and works in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
She graduated the University of Art and Design in 2003 (photography). In 2011, she has got a master in photography. Andreia Cismașiu is a member of the Artists Union in Romania, since 2005 and a member of D. Fleiss und East-West Artists, since 2010.

In 2004 she started to paint during an international art symposium and since then she hasn’t quitted painting. She is a self taught mixed media artist who combines photography with painting. This technique suits her and she is totally in love with it.

Andreia Cismașiu’s first professor and art critique was her mother. From her, she has got the “artistic” feeling and love for painting. The painter Barbara Hangan was the artist she has followed for years and years working in her studio. Determined, perfectionist and very talented, she inspired Andreia, and they have encouraged each other during the hard times. Dorothea Fleiss, a great artist and organizer of awesome international art symposiums and art meeting, was the one who introduced Andreia to a lot of great international contemporary artists worldwide.
She is now experiencing the mixed media technique, which combines the photography with painting and gives her works a personal accent. By her artworks she intends to bring joy to people.
Andreia Cismașiu’s hobbies are music, long walks in nature and conversations with people that inspire her. She is the mother of three kids that make roll her life.

Solo Shows:
2018 Magic Worlds (with András Győrfi and István Korbely), Art House Gallery Cluj-Napoca, RO. For this exhibition, the paintings of Andreia have been created around the idea of woman, happiness, sadness, dream, longing, love, hate, being normal and being crazy, telling stories or keeping secrets…
2014 Pages of my diary (painting and book art), Silvia’s Art Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RO
2012 The Master builder Manole, Clu-Napoca, RO
Modern Madonas (with Marian Furtună), ArtExpert Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RO.
2011 Self, Ramada Plaza Hotel, Budapest, Hungary. This solo show has been a celebration of the woman, of beauty, mystery and magic. For the artist, this has been a therapeutic exercise, a way to discover her inner nature.
2006 Against Time, Oradea, RO
2005 Against Time, Cluj-Napoca, RO. The installation that Andreia has exhibited had as the main theme the passing of time, the memories, the letters, and the luggage we have to take or let go during our journey, the suitcase which contains all the things we need for our life-trip. The installation has been made of twenty-five old suit cases, restored and painted. For this exhibition, she won the Scholarship for Young artists of the Artists Union in Romania.
2004 Nature, Turda, RO
2002 Blue Geometries, Turda, RO

Group exhibitions:
2012-2015 International group exhibitions, Moscow – Russia, New York – USA, Budapest – Hungary, Mallnitz – Austria, Paris – France.

2011 Ebienale, 1st Edition, George Enescu Music Festival, Bucharest, RO
Annual Decorative Art Salon, Cluj-Napoca, RO.
Annual Painting Salon of the Artists Union in Romania
Annual Saloon of Miniatures, Kasposvar, Hungary
Annual Saloon of Miniatures, Budapest, Hungary
Digital Exhibition European Identities Explored, London, UK

2010 Book Art Biennale, Satu Mare, RO

2008 Annual Salon of Painting, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2007 Annual Salon of Painting Cluj-Napoca, RO

2006 Annual Salon of Painting Cluj-Napoca, RO
Trans-cultural exchange, Boston USA

2005 Grand Exhibition, Selari 13, Bucharest, RO
Grand Exhibition, The House of Arts, Bucharest, RO
Tour D’art, Bucharest, RO

2004 Annual Salon of Painting Cluj-Napoca, RO
Photo and Mixed Media Exhibition, 2nd edition, Turda Salt Mine, RO
Le Petite Prince, Satu Mare, RO

2002 Photo and Mixed Media Exhibition, 1st edition, Turda Salt Mine, RO
Itinéraires Roumains, Nantes, France

2000 Le Petite Prince, Satu Mare, RO

Mail Art Group Exhibitions:
2010 International Exhibition, LUNA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2008, 2009, 2010 Mail Art exhibition Moderna Galerjia Licovni Susret, Subotica Serbia
2006 Liberty, Turda Gallery, RO
Liberty, Oradea Art Museum
2005 Liberty, Debrecen, Hungary
2004 – Globalisation, Satu Mare Art Museum, RO

2015, 2011, 2010, 2004 D. Fleizz EWArtits Symposium, Mallnitz, Austria
2014, 2013 Ardud, Romania, D.Fleiss EW Artists
2012 – Art Sympo Impro Privee, Balaton, Hungary
2011 Art Sympo Impro Privee, 2nd edition, Balatonfured, Hungary
2010 International Art Symposium, Book Art Biennale, Satu Mare, RO

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