I rely on total asymmetrical artwork in my both the abstract and the figurative paintings.

Illusion, mystery, immortality and hope are part of the artwork I have created. Realistically speaking, the viewer’s place is in the painting as an actor taking part to the big play of forms and colors. His access code is his own imagination. I rely on total asymmetrical artwork in my both the abstract and the figurative paintings. Everything is based on my passion or my moods which tell me how much or how little to reveal in each work as a controlled disorder.

I consider that my search for mystery doesn’t need clear images because I’m only a tool in a process having as a final product a painting which is lighting my soul with its colors.

I’m asking you, infinite souls to step with hope in my world of color where shapes speak for themselves, no matter what and lines, strokes, and hues are twist together in a spectacular and confused dance of structures. I am seeing myself as an interesting human being, who tries to find answers to the questions of everyday life’s challenges. I am looking at my own life as a magic show master, who can do new trick to open more opportunity’s doors for me.

I am a happy and lucky person who tries to enjoy life, and I am influenced by my own experiences not by other persons’ achievements. I owe a lot to my family who believed in me and inspired me.

Andrei Babici was born 1993 in Baia-Mare, Romania. He lives and works in Cluj-Napoca.

Beside art he has other passions too. He is a professional magician and handball player. His hobbies are snowboarding, BMX, ping-pong.

He was very impressed by artists as Anselm Kiefer, Jackson Pollock, and Pierre Soulages.

When he was young, his family and others saw him as a gifted child. Full of energy and left handed he has drawn unbelievable interesting things. At the age of ten, he started practicing handball, playing until today. Around thirteen years old, he has begun to study magic on his own, and he has turned his passion into a job.
After graduating from high school, he has decided to practice his favorite sport, handball, in Paris, France. At the same time, he has been a magician participating at different events.

Parents, family, and friends have supported him, over the years. He has realized walking on the streets of Paris, in a stressful period of his life, that he can paint. The next day, Andrei Babici has bought a canvas, colors and paint brushes, and he started painting, searching for artistic information everywhere, and his career as a professional painter started.

Solo Shows:

2018    Platinia Arthouse Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RO. This show has made him to believe more in the art’s magic world.

Art College Baia Mare, RO. – The painter has been here a middle school student here and he was happy to return and inspired the kids. The magic show he has presented for the students had an amazing success.

2017    Petre Dulfu, The County Library, The Sound of My Soul, Baia Mare, RO. – The artist has introduced to the audience his imaginary inner world. As a treat he had done a magic show, mixed with live music and wine testing. This has been his dream individualized into reality.

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