András was only nine years old when he won the international design competition for children in Shankar/India.

Capturing the mystic story is everything! As a figurative painter, it is always the story that I remember most about any location. The history is my inspiration!


András Györfi arranges the visual space like a scene where he is the director and the actor in the same time. The rose becomes a leitmotiv in most of his paintings: this fragile flower is the symbol of passion, associated by Greeks and Romans with Aphrodite and Venus. During banquets, they used to decorate the walls of the rooms with roses, meaning that all they would say under the influence of wine was confidential – sub rosa. András’ artworks are full of secrets, a fantastic world populated with Eden gardens, beaches with angels, flying ships and fishes and the viewer is invited to decode the message. His paintings reveal his admiration for Renaissance fantastic landscapes, as in Jerome Bosch’s compositions, and for Salvador Dalí’s artworks. (Silvia Suciu)

András Győrfi was born in 1964 in Kaposvár, Hungary. When he was only nine years old he won the international design competition for children in Shankar/ India; he competed with 5000 other kids. He obtained an architectural degree at Ybl Miklós Training College. His art professors have been Molnár József, Endre Szász and Ruisz György.

András Győrfi’s favorite artists are Spanish, Italian and Dutch old masters. He is inspired by El Greco, Max Ernst and Ernst Fuchs.

For a couple of years, since 1984, he has illustrated the magazines Rakéta Regényújság, ÉS, Galaktika. He has realized the scenography for a play by Raymond F. Simon (Theatre of Sopron, 1993) and for „Black Honey” by Pozsgai Zsolt (London, 2000).

From 1994 to 1999, he has been the manager of Polaris Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. He has participated to working stages in USA (1994) and in Germany (Aachen, 1996).

Since 1997, he attended to symposiums in Italy, Spain and Austria. András Györfi has begun to publish his applied graphic work at different publishers such as Móra, Cicero, Palatinus. He published 3 books: The square is ours (stories from Rovinj), Five Jo (Jo is a crime investigator who dreams to become an artist). He is inspired by historic stories writers (Géza Gárdonyi, Jules Verne, J.R.R. Tolkien).

András Győrfi is collecting vinyl (hard rock, metal and alternative music). He is a water polo player, the traditional sport played by the family; his father won the silver medal at the London Olympic Games, in 1948.

2017 Agora Gallery, Warsaw/Poland

RAM Gallery, Budapest/ Hungary

2016 Gallery Cartel, Granada/ Spain

Galleri Ni, Copenhagen/Denmark

2015 Gallery Cartel, Granada/ Spain

Gallery Artamo, Santa Barbara/ USA

Art Market Budapest

2014 Mainburg/ Germany


2013 Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara/ USA

London Affordable Art Fair/England

2012 LGOCA Gallery, Los Angeles/ USA. András has been a brand new artist on the Wst Coast. After this exhibition, he sold many paintings in the USA.

WestBank Gallery, 286 Gallery, Britannia Center – exhibition series, London/ UK

Gallery Reményik, Cluj-Napoca/ Romania

2011 Blue Bird Gallery, Los Angeles/ USA

Ingolstadt, Mainburg/Germany

2009-12 Győrfi Gallery, Budapest/ Hungary

2008 A. Sanat Gallery, Istanbul/ Turkey. András loves the Turkish culture.

2006 Harbin/ China

1994 Agora Gallery, New York. András Győrfi has signed a one-year contract with the gallery. There he has learned how to put together his ego with the idea of business.

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