He composes a magical music and invites us to vibrate to the lyrics of a new fairytale story.

I consider the creative act as an energy flow keeping me alive and I am using different ways to express myself. I react to everything that affects my feelings and could interfere with my life. My work exhales a poetic tenderness. The poetry is essential because it is the vital energy that feeds my imagination. The graphic images create an exquisite network of refined irony, mixed with some ideograms. Lately, I am interested in themes such as: animals, memories, destiny, giving a meaning to the world where I’m living, even if this meaning always seems impossible to understand. The process of creation resembles of being in love, and access the beauty and harmony whichguide your life.

Andor Kőmives is transforming the real world and is building a new way to an imaginary one: the space and the time become cosmic by over passing the limit of the perceptible reality. His work invites the public to meditate and is based more on the viewer feelings than on the painting’s subject. He composes a magical music and invites us to vibrate to the lyrics of a new fairytale story. (Silvia Suciu)

Andor Kőmives was born in 1958 in Aiud (Alba County, RO). Between1979-1983 he studied painting at the Fine Arts Institute” IonAndreescu” in Cluj-Napoca. He is actually a PhD Professor at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He lives and works in Cluj-Napoca.

Andor Kőmives is member of UAPR (Romanian Plastic Artists’ Union), Aquarium Compagnie International Frace, and of the group PLATFORMA (Ioana Antoniu, Elian, Andor Kőmives & Radu Pulbere).

The artist loves to read to listen to music and to watch movies in his free time. He is always inspired by things connected with his visual artwork.

He was born in a very artistic family. His older brother, Nicolae Komives, left behind a great poetry work despite that he has lived to beonly 32 years old. His father Miklos was a self-taught artist who has created a lot of painted, small size wooden sculptures. They had a lot of exhibits together.

Andor Kőmives has admired and he was shortly influenced by El Greco, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez, Rembrandt van Rijn, Francisco Jose de Goya, Edouard Manet, Vincent Van Gogh, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Francis Bacon, and Romanian Classical Art artists as Ion Andreescu, Theodor Pallady, Ion Țuculescu, Corneliu Baba.

The artist is creating on his canvas a magical, poetic reality. Having a dynamic personality, he manages to reinvent himself every time from his inner artistical resources.

In 1980 he has been remarked for his abstract-expressionist work. As a figurative painter he has been appreciated for a series of paintings with a socio-political and satirical content and with neo-pop elements. Lately, he has started to paint pieces with a poetical, narrative content having animals as subject.

Andor Kőmives has had solo shows in Romania, Germany, and Netherlands. He attended many group exhibitions in Romania, Poland, Morocco, USA, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Norway, and France.

Solo Shows:

2017    Private Bestiary, Stuttgart Freie Kust Akademie, Stuttgart, Germany

Butterflies Hunting (Gheorghe Ilea & Andor Kőmives), Gallery Arcade 24, Bistrița, RO – An exhibit which has been a celebration of the friendship of two artists who were together from the 7th grade at the Romul Ladea Art High School in Cluj-Napoca until graduation from the university. The exhibit has shown outstanding pieces of art painted by both artists, from the beginning period in high school until 2017.

2015    Butterflies Hunting, The Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2012    Mirroring (Kőmives Andor & Kőmives Miklós), Barabas Miklos Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2011    Et in Arcadia ergo sum, Spazio Mirionima, Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata, Italy

2009    Fragmente des Anderen/ Fragments of the Other – with Gisela Weimann, visual artist from Berlin, Germany – The show has been a collaboration project between two artists with different cultural traditions. The idea of the project was to take parts of the other’s artist piece and use it as a start up for a collage where you could be free to use that fragment how you want it. During twenty years of collaboration, and common exhibits five hundred collages, with a A4 vertical format, have been produced. 

Communication, The Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, RO – A project based on the theme of time, and how it could influence the development of events, persons, history, and images from different cultural ethnicities. In this arranged space, real, or imaginary personages from contemporary myths, have spoken about the world problems as politics, war, and globalization.

2006    Temptation of the Paradise, The Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, RO

Berlin-Underground, Romanian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany — The exhibit has put together a series of collages with images from photography, painting and post-cards having as a background the U-Bahn S-Bahntrain map in Berlin. The invitation of the slogan “ZuruckBleibenBitte!”(make a step out of the metro) was to discover the true wonders of the capital of Germany, Berlin.


2003    Auge des Herzen, Galerie T in der PAETEC, Berlin, Germany

2001    The Eye of the Heart, The Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, RO

1999    Eurobirdies, Performance and Installation, OldGallery, Cluj-Napoca, RO

1993    Gijzenrooi Gallery, Geldrop, Netherlands

1987    Spaces, Horizon Gallery, Bucharest, RO

Group Exhibitions:

2018    “Rendez-vous”,Gallery 8, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford, UK

  1. Groteszk Triennálé, Kapos Art, Vaszary Képtár, Kaposvár; Budapest, Hungary

Bibliophile Book Biennale and Book Object,The National Museum of Romanian

Literature, Bucharest, RO

Post Utopia BWA Sokol Gallery of Contemporary Art, NovySocz, Poland

2017-2018 Essential Ludic, group exhibition with Ioana Antoniu, Elian and Radu Pulbere,  The Art House Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2017    MATRICE / MATRICÁK Próféta Galéria, K.A.S. Galéria, B’32 Galéria,Trezor

Galéria Budapest, Hungary

Third Biennal de las Artes de Valencia CiutatOberta 2017, Valencia, Spain

2016    Biennale Internationale Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco

Apollo 11– TheEagle Has Landed, Gallery Kasyno, PodkowaLesná, Poland

2015    9. GroteszkTriennálé, Kapos Art, VaszaryKéptár, Kaposvár; Budapest, Hungary

2014    Cluj School of Art, Sokól Contemporary Art Gallery, NowySacz, Poland

Calligraphy &New Media, P.Domšaiti s Art Gallery, Klaipėda, Lithuania

Biennale Internationale Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco

2013    EIBAB, International Bookart Biennial, The Islip Art Museum, New York, USA

Fragmente des Anderenwith Gisela Weimann, kunsTTemple, Kassel

2012    Biennale Internationale Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco

D’Infinis Peysage, Museum ZunderferWehrturm, Cologne, Germany

Galerie 379, Nancy, France;

SeeingOneself, Alternative Space Icho-an, Osaka, Japan

2011    Labyrinth Festival der Neunen Kunst, Slubice, Poland;

Frankfurt-Oder, Germany;

2010    Seeing oneself, Magyar FotográfiaiMúzeum, Kecskemét, Hungary

2009    Fragmente des Anderen with Gisela Weimann, KunsvereinGRAZ,Regensburg,


2008    Seeing oneself, The Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, RO

2007    Détours – Mémoires, Histories Stratégies, la Tour de Crest, Drôme, France

2006    Fragmente des Anderen with Gisela WeimannMitte Museum, Berlin, Germany

2005    Fragmente des Anderen with Gisela Weimann, Contemporary Art Gallery, Sibiu, RO

2003    Blue Hall Markplatz Europa, AtelierhausPanzerhalle Gross Glienicke, Germany

2002    Impact Art Festival, Kyoto, Japan (1999, 1998, 1995, 1993, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987)

Romanian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany

1994    Medium 3, Art Trench Festival, Sf. Gheorghe, RO

1988    TheYouth Biennial, Baia-Mare

1987    Art and Action, Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo, Norway

1987    Art of Today, Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Works in Public collections: The Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca; Contemporary Art Centre,

Essaouira Morocco; Contemporary Hungarian Art Gallery, Dunaszerdahely, Slovacia.

Works in private collections: Romania, Hungary, Germany, Holland, England, France.

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